Our integrated approach means you never start from zero. Instead, you’ll tap into the full power of M13’s unfair advantages—the institutional knowledge and networks that set you up for better day-to-day decision making and drive step-change growth. So while other founders may be learning the ropes or dealing with limited resources, you’re already pulling ahead.


At M13, we’re more focused on rolling up our sleeves and getting to work than just placing bets and crossing our fingers. Every company in our portfolio gets access to the Propulsion Team, our in-house team of industry-leading operators and experts.

Staffed with partner-level talent across all six key business areas (Brand, Acquisition, Distribution, Product, Operations, and Talent), we’ve been in your shoes before—so we know how to make your next steps count.



Our values guide us in everything we do.

Each member of our community—from the founders we work with to the team members we rely on—is directly responsible for our character and our future. We’re not here just to launch businesses. We’re here to listen, learn, and shape the diverse, dynamic ecosystem that surrounds us, too.


One decision won’t move the needle—but many, better decisions compound to create massive impact over time. That’s why we approach every action with intention, understanding that there’s a fine line between setting the world on fire and simply flaming out.


We believe debate and discussion make us stronger. That’s why we elevate every voice, agree or disagree together, then commit. This culture of trust and transparency ensures we’re able to back our decisions—and our teams—100%.


When you’re re-shaping the world, it’s not only the thought that counts. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and consistently go above and beyond to deliver demonstrable outcomes—not just talk.