M13’s first company created in partnership with Procter & Gamble began with the insight that the menopause space is due for disruption. Sitting at the nexus point of the burgeoning women’s wellness market and the aging population, menopause is a unique intersection of high-potential spaces aligning with our investment thesis…but beyond that, it is an issue that speaks to us on a human level.

Unlike many other health and wellness concerns, there are very few products and solutions for the specific needs of menopausal women— in fact, menopause is often completely left out of the wellness conversation. The societal stigma associated with many of the symptoms means that women often suffer in silence during a transitional time that can be extremely confusing and stressful, not to mention uncomfortable.

That’s why we were excited to help create Kindra, a direct-to-consumer business offering estrogen-free OTC solutions to alleviate many common menopause symptoms. And it’s also why this business will go beyond just e-commerce, by creating a digital experience that will help Kindra become a supportive resource with content and community tailored specifically for women in midlife.

Kindra is based and incubated in our Santa Monica office. Like the other companies we’re creating in partnership with P&G, we’ll be watching the Kindra progress along the way, with the potential to eventually incorporate it into one of P&G’s own business units or spin it off into its own independent entity.