M13’s first internal innovation plays at the intersection of wellness, beauty, and performance. There is no shortage of serums, supplements, dusts and drops for a segment that embraces alternative forms of health and beauty and the celebration of self-care. The wellness and beauty category is disproportionately serving a more affluent audience—Rae makes this category accessible to all.

In a category that often caters to the 1%, Rae is passionately inclusive. Rae is simple, explicit, clean, and functional. Designed for women, by women, Rae uses powerful ingredient combinations to give women everything they need and nothing they don’t. 

We created Rae, an omni-channel women’s wellness and beauty business that will serve women through direct-to-consumer with a keen focus on retail partnerships. Rae uses high quality, natural ingredients in capsules, powders, and drops, aiding sleep, stimulating metabolism, boosting energy, and more. In a culture that rewards those that have “arrived”, Rae is fueling the momentum of women on their way.

Rae is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. M13 will support Rae via both our Launchpad and Propulsion resources to help significantly accelerate the pace of their growth.