Mary Carmen (MC) Gasco-Buisson


Things will happen to you; it’s how you interpret them (and react to them) that matters most.

  • P&G Ventures (Managing Director & Consumer Health Space CEO)
  • Grace & Wilde (Co-Founder and CEO)
  • Procter & Gamble International (Global Marketing & Innovation Director)
  • Wharton School of Business (Digital Strategies for Executives)
  • Williams College of Business (Master of Business Administration)
  • Cornell University (B.S., Chemical Engineering)
  • Procter & Gamble Brand Masters Society Inductee



I came to M13 in a way that’s a little unconventional, as an Executive on Loan to lead the partnership with Procter & Gamble —but the more you know about the venture engine and the advantages we can create for our incubated companies, the more it makes perfect sense.

As a founding member of P&G Ventures, P&G’s new brand creation arm, tapping into the start-up ecosystem and partnering with innovators building high-potential brands was a top priority. That’s how we began our breakthrough partnership with M13, and as it deepened, I integrated into the M13 team to help realize the relationship’s full potential.

I’m passionate about building innovative, successful companies and brands—both because of the ways they improve customers’ lives and for the value they create for founders, employees, and stakeholders. I believe that combining the strengths of M13, P&G, and the talented teams running the incubated companies will produce extraordinary results.

Moving from chemical engineering to the realm of business and brand building opened a new world of possibilities for me. I’m endlessly energized by the process of helping founders tackle both technical and commercial challenges to realize what might have seemed impossible.

I’ve been blessed with a few standout moments in my career—including launching Olay’s biggest product innovation ever (“the red jar”), turning around the P&G North America Personal Care business after years of free-fall, and getting the HUGO BOSS fragrances brand to #1 share globally. Add my experience building high-velocity businesses here at M13 and you can see why I never plan to retire!

There have also been a few painful moments in my working life, the biggest of which was having to wind down my start-up, Grace & Wilde, after we could not achieve a profitable model. Among many other lessons, I learned to apply the lean innovation model, and to test the most challenging elements before investing further in other areas. It changed my whole approach to business creation and led to my eventual recommendation of the partnership between P&G and M13, which now brings me to M13—looking back, this experience was a crucial turning point.

“It’s not what actually happened that impacts us, it’s what we made it mean that either strengthens or weakens us.” I got this advice from Landmark Education many years ago, and from that day on, I’ve made a point of evaluating my experiences—in the past or the present—and taking from them what’s most helpful, growthful and positive. Things will happen to you; it’s how you interpret them (and react to them) that matters most.

Live with integrity: do what you say, say what you do. And, when you don’t, own it, apologize, and move on.

I love meeting new people and brainstorming solutions to challenges, so—if I can be of any help—reach out and let’s chat!