Sabeena Ladha


I built the Launchpad for the founder who daydreamed about stepping out on their own but struggled to take the leap.

  • McKinsey & Company (Consultant)
  • Diamond Foods (Brand Management)
  • PepsiCo (Brand Management)
  • The University of Texas at Austin (Business Honors, BBA Supply Chain Management)



I’ve always been “entrepreneurial” in nature, but M13 is my first venture into the startup space. I wrote a little about it in this piece: Permission to Take the Leap.


I’m most passionate about unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit, which is what “taking the leap” is all about! I want the Launchpad to enable founders (former, failed, and future) to launch companies in the consumer space that not only have passion behind them, but have strong white spaces ahead of them, too.


I built the Launchpad program for the founder who daydreamed about stepping out on their own but struggled to take the leap. Or worked at a startup before and knows what it takes to operate with limited structure. Or, like me, may have worked in corporate settings but sought out teams with a more entrepreneurial vibe. I want to unleash these founders’ entrepreneurial spirit.


The most transformative experience I’ve had was when I was 24 years old and running a $250MM business as a Brand Manager… alone. A sponsor of mine plucked me from PepsiCo and hired me to run a brand with a pretty modest budget (in a declining category, which was a new challenge in itself, though selling popcorn was a fun business to be in!) and I found myself as the sole manager of the brand for over a year.

This accelerated my growth IMMENSELY, and though it was the most chaotic time in my life, this is where I thrived like I’ve never thrived before. Responsibility like that at such a young age was terrifying and so fulfilling at the same time. I discovered more about my craving for autonomy, my drive to create and build, and quite frankly my ability to be scrappy and HUSTLE!