Scout Brisson


A great teammate is someone with the positivity and energy to motivate.

  • McKinsey & Company (Senior Business Analyst)
  • MIT (B.S., Brain and Cognitive Sciences)



It’s such a common narrative, the ways sports can change your character, but there’s a reason! I’ve been part of a team for as long as I can remember—including the lightweight crew team in college—and the drive, teamwork, and leadership that you need to succeed in sports are the same things you need in so many other aspects of business.

Who do you want in your boat? A great teammate is someone with the positivity and energy to motivate everyone to pull together, plus the leadership to get creative and tackle ambiguous problems. I strive to bring all those elements together in my work at M13.

The M13 team challenges me to be scrappy and think outside of the box in a completely new way—but at the same time, we know how to laugh and have fun as a team. Everyone genuinely cares about one another’s personal and professional happiness.

I’m really passionate about improving the experiences of women, particularly in the workplace, and I feel really lucky that my role at M13 enables me to further that goal, both at work and outside of it—from collaborating on the launch of femTech products geared to help underserved female markets, to starting a monthly lunch event that brings the team together in conversation about the experiences of professional women, to the adult literacy tutoring I help with in my free time.

Be “An Owner” rather than “A Doer.” That was one of the biggest lessons my team at McKinsey & Company taught me, and I’ve seen what a difference that mindset shift can make.

Autonomy is essential, and goes hand in hand with trust.  When you’re an Owner, you gain the trust of your team and the confidence to trust yourself. You start to anticipate what needs to be done, and to believe in your own ability to tackle it.

Always take the time to have a perspective. When you’re not sure what’s next, take the time to hypothesize. Think it through. If you’re surrounded by a team, share your thoughts with your team for input, rather than taking questions about what to do next—many brains are better than one.

Oh, and gratitude journaling and gratitude meditation—start doing it today!