M13's venture studio: Never build alone.

What we do

Launchpad is M13’s venture studio, partnering with entrepreneurs to launch their next venture. We sit next to you as co-founders, bringing critical resources to help build conviction and validate a concept with a goal of achieving preseed funding.

We offer unique advantages in go-to-market & distribution, fundraising, and attracting A+ talent. Have an idea but no team? Let’s assemble your starting lineup. Have a team but no idea? We have hundreds. Marketing, product, UX, PR, fundraising—you name it, we have the resources to help.

Starting something new can be scary. (We know because we’ve done it a few times ourselves.) But our approach makes it easier for founders and co-builders to take the leap.

Who we build with

(You, we hope.)

We obsess about unlocking the next generation of entrepreneurs by making it possible to get great ideas off the ground fast. There are three types of partners we build with:

Founding teams with gaps to fill

You’re a founder (or founder-in-waiting) with gaps in your current team, plan, or product. Maybe you already have a full-time job, family responsibilities, or another project that’s just lifting off. Or maybe you’re already working on your idea full time, but need to move it along more quickly. Wherever you’re at, we can help.

High-profile professionals and celebrities

You have great assets, great ideas, and a love for building—but you aren’t able to build yourself. We’re your extended team, helping you take those ideas and turn them into a business reality at light speed. (Or at least pretty close to it.)

Corporates wanting to get in the innovation game

Your corporate team wants to innovate, and you have resources to try. But the building stage…isn’t really for you. Let Launchpad step into that early-stage founder role, and get your business built, no sleepless nights required.

Meet the team

Headshot of John Tabis
John Tabis
M13 Partner & Head of Launchpad

John is Partner and Head of Launchpad, the M13 venture studio helping founders build companies that define the future of business. Prior to M13, John founded and scaled The Bouqs Company and worked in strategy for The Walt Disney Company and Bain & Co. John continues to serve Bouqs as Chairman of the Board and also teaches entrepreneurship at UCLA Anderson.

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Headshot of Andrew Grone
Andrew Grone
Launchpad Director

As the director of Launchpad, Andrew helps to lead the design & execution of our in-house venture studio. Prior to M13, Andrew was the business operations manager for Avantstay, a short-term rental and hospitality startup, an equity research and investment banking analyst for Dougherty & Co, and worked in supply chain & operations for Target Corporation.

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